101 high quality natural Social Signals and Bookmarks from TOP social networks, BLAST PROMOTION


101 high quality natural Social Signals and Bookmarks from TOP social networks, BLAST PROMOTION
Extremely valuable high quality natural social bookmarks/ signals from top social networks generated by real human traffic from all over the world, delivered within 48 hours!

Why you need Social Signals/Bookmarks
Social bookmarks/ signals are like recommendations for a website made by social media users. They are valuable resources that can drive referred traffic, add prestige and improve social credibility.
As long as SEO is concerned, fresh social signals indicate your site is popular, trending and of great value.
That's why, to rank high in Google search, its of utmost importance that your site receives fresh social bookmarks every now and then. More when you make a new post or page.

What you get
  • We will generate at least 101 social bookmarks/ signals, from most popular Social networking sites (included but not limited to.. diigo, delicious, stumbleupon, twitter, tumblr, vkontakte, bibsonomy, google plus etc)
  • We dont use software. All our bookmarks are done by real human traffic coming from all over the world.
  • All bookmarks are from best among the best social networking sites, we don't deliver bookmarks from spammy-never-heard-of sites.?
  • This service is delivered in 48 hours, if you are looking for rapid, viral spread of your content, this service is for you.

  • We accept 1 url for a $1 service. Split available if you buy with $5 service extra
  • You can send up to 3 keywords/ short messages to share along with your url
  • You may buy for your homepage, the inner pages, blog posts or any link, all get benefit from this.
  • Need continuous month long drip feeding instead? Check our service extra for extended and more sustained boost
  • Adds social proof, prestige and improves SEO
  • Helps better indexing of your newly created pages

About our report
Please note that, we do not provide excel sheet or list showing the backlinks/ bookmarks generated. But our report works in a different way, let me explain..
At the beginning of the project we send you an initial report showing your bookmark/ social signal count. We also provide you with a live tracking link so you can monitor how your social signals are growing in real time.
At the end of the project, you can compare the counts to find out how many social signals have been generated during our promotional period. You often get more since we usually over deliver!

But how some sellers show you the links when they create bookmarks?

Many sellers have their own dummy accounts/ bots to share your content. Because they own those accounts and have control over the activities, they know preciously where they posted your link, and can show you.

Its obvious, our hand made real user generated bookmarks are safe and far superior comparing to software/ bot made bookmarks.

Contact us if you want to see a sample report

Fast delivery
Seo agencies, resellers, webmasters - all invited

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4 Years on SeoClerk
Over 550 Thumbs up - 0 Thumbs down!
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